Success Stories

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"Thank you for meeting with Dave, Jim and me today. You opened up a whole new strategy to approach the financing of our project. Your experience, expertise, and heart for ministry is the kind of partnership we need. I want to see God use NTCA for great things to His glory. I look forward to talking with you more. God Bless, Mike"
Dr. Michael Weimer
North Texas Christian Academy
McKinney, Texas
"I work with numerous consultants and other group advisors in my professional capacity as Director of Finance for a school district. Without a doubt, our Share Financial Services consultant was one of the most professional, congenial and knowledgeable individuals I have ever worked with."
Mr. Wayne Bettendorf
Calvary United Methodist Church
Colorado Springs, Colorado
"After the ease and success with which your program was worked out, if I ever had responsibility for financing another building, I would not consider any other type of program than that which worked so well for us under your leadership."
Mr. Lloyd Bower
Grace United Methodist Church
Rockford, Illinois
"I cannot conceive of a program of such magnitude being implemented any smoother. The materials provided by Share Financial Services were excellent and always on time. Our consultant was always there when we needed him and was a great support to our Pastor, the Bond Steering Committee, and many individuals in our congregation."
Mr. Charlie R. Blaine
First United Methodist Church
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"This was the first bond program for our church, and I am confident it will not be the last. For all practical purposes, we sold the bonds in a 24-hour period and were able to begin a draw on the money within a few weeks after the day of sale. Although we had checked with two other lending institutions, we were pleased that we selected the bond program."
Rev. Charles R. Armstrong
Castleton United Methodist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana
"Our consultants were both very professional in their approach and, at the same time, sensitive to our situation. They were not about to let us overextend ourselves so as to jeopardize the ministry of the church. They were here to serve us, not to sell us their program. We all appreciated their honesty. Personally, I was impressed with their commitment to their Christian faith. All through the program, it was evident that they work from a Christian perspective and were seeking to do God’s will in our situation. I would highly recommend Share Financial Services to anyone."
Dr. Randall R. Sailors
Faith-Westwood United Methodist Church
Omaha, Nebraska
"Elation does not do justice for expressing our thanks and appreciation to your committee and Share Financial Services for the success of our $2,100,000 bond sale. First United Methodist Church of Lewisville can now move on to pursue our goal of building our Family Life Center to further the ministry for the glory of God."
Jay Bratton, Committee Chairperson
First United Methodist Church of Lewisville
Lewisville, Texas
"After a poor experience with another company three years ago, we were somewhat skeptical of another bond experience. From the first meeting that our Share Financial Services representative had with our officers, we knew that we had met the right people to work with our church. Share Financial Services not only completed all that they promised, but more."
Rev. Rob Hoffman
Capitol City Baptist Church
Des Moines, Iowa
"Our bond issue was for $1.2 million, and we had requests for $1.4 million in two 20- minute reservation periods. It was very exciting! Perhaps the most positive aspect of the bond program was that it gave our church family an opportunity to financially invest in our church with monies that might not otherwise have been available. The words of Jesus still ring true, "For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."
Robert A. Baier, Pastor
Antioch Bible Baptist Church
Gladstone, Missouri
"Our church completed a very successful bond program in the amount of $1,990,000 under the leadership of Share Financial Services. Thank you for all that you have done to enable us to continue with our building program and reach this community for Christ."
Rev. B. Leroy Patterson
First Baptist Church
Keller, Texas
"Not only did you help us raise the needed financing, but I believe Share Financial Services’ involvement actually served to further unite and motivate the church for the completion of our entire building program."
Rev. Wilbur C. Ellsworth
First Baptist Church
Wheaton, Illinois
"The Bethel Baptist Church has just completed its bond program and a very successful one it was. I recognize and applaud Share Financial Services specializing in church bond programs. Your commitment to helping churches obtain needed funds at the lowest cost possible was apparent. You may add the Bethel Baptist Church to your track record and references."
Mr. Kenneth Clegg, Sr.
Bethel Baptist Church
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
"I want to thank Share Financial Services for doing a wonderful job with our bond program. It was a very successful program and a positive experience for our church. We found all of your office personnel very helpful at every point of the preparation. You delivered on all of your promises to us. I can wholeheartedly recommend your company to other churches who are considering a bond program."
Bob H. Dean, Pastor
Northlake Baptist Church
Garland, Texas
"South County Baptist Church is a very committed congregation with a real sense of vision for the future. However, I do not believe we could have had as successful a bond program without your excellent leadership. I believe the bond program/bank loan combination was the right approach for South County. Thank you for being flexible and helping us make it work."
Dr. James L. Hill
South County Baptist Church
St. Louis, Missouri
"The church here had not been in a building program for years and we were a little tentative about raising the money. We raised approximately $747,000 in a capital fund drive, but it was the quick sale of the bonds that brought all of our people together. I believe that today our church is more enthused and united than at any other time in my 18 years here."
Bob Green, Senior Minister
South Side Christian Church
Springfield, Illinois
"Share Financial Services helped us exceed our expectations and reach what, for us, has been a staggering goal. I believe the success of this campaign in large part is due to your tremendous effort and your well-organized team."
David M. Midwood, Senior Pastor
West Congregational Church
Haverhill, Massachusetts
"Our bond issue has put us in a position to pay off our existing debt and expand our present facility. I also believe something even more significant has occurred through this process. The congregation has been united with a common goal and, after experiencing this bond issue victory, there seems to be more of a willingness to step out in faith and trust God for the outcome. It was a pleasure to work with our consultant and Share Financial Services through this bond campaign."
Harold Savage, Minister
Church of Christ at Snellville
Snellville, Georgia
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