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Listed below are various whitepaper resources Please click on the PDF download link for any that interest you.


Fundamentals of Church Borrowing . . . What Do I Need To Know?



Fundamentals of Church Borrowing . . . What About Balloons?



Are All Lenders The Same? What Makes Share Financial Services Different?



Lessons Learned . . . The HARD Way!



What We’re Hearing From Churches Around America . . .



What Growing Churches Across America Need To Know . . .



How Much Can My Church Borrow? How Much SHOULD It Borrow?



What Is “Investment Bank Financing”? Can It Benefit My Church?



What Do I Need To Know BEFORE I Begin The Building or Borrowing Process?



Share Offers NO-COST, NO-OBLIGATION Borrowing Analysis For Your Church



What About The Current Economic Condition And Our Church Borrowing?



What’s Happening In The Banking Industry and How Does It Affect My Church?

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